Dear Stakeholders,

Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey – İDA is the first and only association that gathers 28 prominent  company operating in the communication consultancy sector in Turkey under the same roof.  Celebrating its 12th birthday this year, İDA is also the representative of Turkey of ICCO – International Communications Consultancy Organisation. İDA’s aim is to preserve the reputation of the Communication Consultancy sector, ensure its sustainable and efficient development, enhance the joined actions of its members without harming the competitive environment and enable them to set a good example by following the  “Professional Principles of Communication and Media Relationship Management”

İDA supports its members in creating added value for their clients by implementing  the international standards and developments in the PR sector.

Today, the world is threatened by various global facts: Global warming endangers the future of the earth we live in. The increase in unfair distribution of income puts the countries and regimes in danger. Specialists say that petroleum wars will be soon replaced by the one over water, while the hot wars are continuing in many regions around the world.

On 15 July 2016 Turkey has also faced a coup attempt that failed thanks to the efforts of the Turkish people who believe in democracy. Our country is now curing its wounds and landing on both feet again. In these circumstances, PR discipline plays an important role more than ever. Therefore İDA will take the necessary steps to fulfill its responsibilities for the future of our country and for the world.

Being the eighteenth largest economy in the world, Turkey is a dynamic country with the population of 80 million, the half of which is under the age of 30. The total of the institutions and brands whose communication services are covered by İDA members indicates the magnitude of the values added to the social development of Turkey.

İDA’s previous board members have successfully prepared and implemented significant projects that conveys our sector one step ahead. In addition to these efforts, we will start begin the news projects in 2017. I am pleased to announce the first one through this lines: İDA will launch the first PRİDA Awards program in 2017 to appraise the project creating added value to the sector and to the country.

I believe that, with the consistent and harmonic collaboration, power and common sense, we will reach the new targets of İDA succesfully.

Ergun Gümrah

Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA)