İDA Board of Directors

Ergun Gümrah
Goodworks Communication Consultancy
President of the Board

Founder and president of the Goodworks Communication Consultancy. Ergun Gümrah started his journalist career in 1984 in İzmir at the Yeni Asır Newspaper. Later he moved to İstanbul and worked as reporter at Sabah, Hürriyet and Milliyet newspapers. Between 1994-1997, he served as the General Co-ordinator at Kanal E for which he has set the first prototype broadcasting strategy. Later he leaded the restructuring process of the Kent TV and became its Chief Editor. In 2000 and 2001 years he founded Cumhuriyet TV and Medical Channel consequitively. Following these professional steps, he served as the CEO of Leo PR – MSLGROUP Turkey. In January 2015, he founded the GOODWORKS Communication Consultancy.

Mr Gümrah has two collaborative books called ‘TV in Turkey’ and ‘To Get the Media’s Attention’. Having a numerous awards on journalism and PR sector, Ergun Gümrah is the member of Public Relations Association of Turkey, Journalists Society of Turkey, Journalists Society of İzmir, Contemporary Journalists Society and Press Council .

Esra Şengülen Ünsür

Artı Communication Management
Managing Partner

Esra Şengülen Ünsür has received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the Marmara University, and her Master’s Degree from the Galatasaray University Department of International Relations. Ünsür has worked in various NGOs such as History Foundation, Family Planning Association of Turkey, and entered into the world of public relations in 2000. After gaining experience in reputable agencies of Turkey, Ünsür started to work for Artı Communications Management. She is still among the managing partners of Artı providing communications consultancy service to national and international companies operating in various sectors from finance to fast moving consumer goods, industry to tourism. Ünsür is among the founders of ThinkNeuro, founded in 2011 as the first and only neuromarketing company of Turkey, and knows English and French. Esra Şengülen Ünsür has been the Managing Partner of Artı Communications Management since 2005.

Tülay Şamcı

Guide Communications


Tülay Şamcı, the founder of Guide Communications, completed her undergraduate degree in Department of Philosophy, Istanbul University and, has had a career in the communication circles for almost two decades. Şamcı, started her professional career as a journalist at Nokta Magazine which was a groundbreaking outlet of its era. She was part of the team of Ahmet Altan who was a well-known anchorman at the time in ATV with his program on the criminal fact and files. Then, Şamcı had an experience in advertising world as an account relations director in Omnia Agency where she coordinated all the steps from publishing to strategical planning, from business development to management. Şamcı participates a group of workshops and panel discussions from different disciplines whereas philosophy to sociology, fine arts to history under the Notos Publishing House. Şamcı is in the advisory board member of Beykoz Logistics College and Plato Communication Sciences College where she spends her time with students to prepare them into the business world.  

Özge Uzun

Lobby Communication
General Manager

Özge Uzun has received her Bachelor’s Degree from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography Department of Spanish Language and Literature, and attended to various educational programs in Spain. Özge Uzun has started her business career in the family company Lobby Communications and Event Consultancy in 2002. As the second generation representative of the company, Uzun has determined the growth areas of Lobby as event management and communications consultancy, and led the development process accordingly. Özge Uzun has become the General Manager of the company in 2011 and still leads the structure serving to almost 50 brands and companies available in the customer portfolio of Lobby. Taking place in İDA since 2012, Özge Uzun shares her sector experience and knowledge with public relations students as a guest of various universities and educational institutions. Özge Uzun has one son, and she knows Spanish and English.

Mustafa Kaya

Lorbi Communication
Financial Controller
Mustafa Kaya completed his undergraduate degree in Communication Faculty of  the İstanbul University. He worked at the Ajans Press and Channel  7 as a Communication Director.  In 2004 he acquired the Lorbi PR Agency and later he founded the Lorbi XL company in 2013. In addition to communication consultancy services, he is also providing an event management services to a numerous institutions. Mr. Kaya has also served as a Young Chapter  President of the International Advertising  Association (IAA) . He is a member of the Communication Graduates Association  and TÜHİD ( PR Association of Turkey) .