Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey Elects New Board of Directors

Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA), the only representative of companies in the communication consultancy sector in Turkey, held its Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on 22th of October 2018, at Grand Hyatt İstanbul. Members of the new Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Ethical Board to serve for the next two years have been elected.

According to election results, Esra Şengülen Ünsür become the new Board Chairwoman.  Together with Esra Şengülen Ünsür, who is the Managing Director of Artı Communications, the other members of the Board of Directors are Lobby Communication and Event Consultancy Agency President Özge Uzun, Founder and General Manager of M3 Public Relations Melek Manisalı, desiBel Agency President Mustafa Kutlay and Hill and Knowlton Strategies Turkey General Manager Pelin Kocaalp.

Esra Şengülen Ünsür, the new Chairwoman of the İDA, thanked the Board of Directors of the 7th term on behalf of all members and said, “We, as the new board of directors, have set our goals for the next two years of IDA. All of them aim to increase the number of bricks added by the people and institutions that bring our association to the present. We believe that we are in the best time for the association to achieve sustainable success. We will be a strong union. To process in all the cells of our association; we will be in pursuit of ‘competitunion,’ not competitiveness.”

The General Assembly started with a moment of silence for the memory of the 4th Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Figen İsbir, and continued with the sharing of the works of the 7th term. After selecting the new term boards, 8th term targets were announced.

İDA’s new term boards  are elected

Ufuk Çarşıbaşı (Communication Partner), Tülay Şamcı (Guide), Serhat Özkütükçü (Denove PR), Barlas Çevikus (Contact Plus) and Seda Yalçın (Weber Schandwick) are selected as the reserve members to the Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Board members are elected as Işıl Arıdağ (Ünite), Ali Cem İlhan (Tribeca) Mehin Öner (MSL Turkey); Mustafa Kaya (Lorbi PR), Feray Alpay (Promedia) and Ali Akkın (Practice) as the reserve members.

Members of the Ethical Board are elected as Ergun Gümrah (Goodworks), Necla Zarakol (Zarakol) and Ayşegül Ögelman (Ogilvy PR); Meral Saçkan (MPR), Burçak Taşkın (Excel) and Duygu Çavdar (Grup 7) as the reserve members.

The Board of Directors was given the authority to condemn

With the amendment to the bylaws in the General Assembly, the İDA Board of Directors was given the ‘authority to condemn’. According to this regulation, the Board of Supervisory will evaluate the applications made by the Board of Directors or İDA members and will take a recommendation.  The Board of Directors will be able to decide on the recommendation and decide to condemn the majority of votes.

About the Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA)

The Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) was founded for improving, expanding and increasing the reputation of the public relations sector which the member companies operate in; increasing awareness in the sector against unfair competition, informal activities and unethical acts; ensuring that the companies receiving service from the sector to have access to accurate information about the sector; and ensuring that the members act jointly without damaging their solidarity and competitive environment against the problems of the profession and the market, to set an example by observing the international service standards and codes of conduct, and to increase their service quality by increasing their professional performances and management skills. İDA, the corporate representative of the communications consultancy sector in Turkey where only the companies can become a member of, is the Turkey branch and representative of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO). https://www.ida.org.tr/