IDA, Turkey’s only communication consultancy and operational PR services professional union, provides its members with professional solidarity and these advantages:

Consultancy Management Standard (CMS) and Supervision

CMS consists of the minimum standards that a communication consultancy firm should apply in its business.  Thanks to these supervisions, done by an independent supervisor and renewed every two years, you will find a strong support to take your firm into future.

New Business Opportunities

Our association is the primary reference resource for companies in search of communication consultancy services. Currently, İDA members give strategic communication consultancy and operational PR services to more than 500 leading companies, organizations and brands of Turkey. A growing number of companies in the business world make İDA membership a precondition for participation in tenders.

A Respectable Network of Colleagues

Members of our association, with more than 600 employees, constitute the largest press and public relations network of Turkey. You will find opportunities to share and receive information and experience regularly within this network.

Opportunities for Benchmarking Best Agency Practices


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