Esra Lengülen Ünsür

Competitunion is the redress!

The world’s natural and financial resources are constantly diminishing. We have to address alternative sources, create new business areas and a more sustainable natural environment and business environment. We know.
There is also limited resource for our sector. Although the sector’s proportion is barely growing at all, the number of people around the table is rapidly increasing. While consumers’ options increase without limits, the creativity “whip” is constantly “cracking” on the back of the communication sector. Moreover, the conditions I mention are not only regarding Turkey, but also applicable for every place in the world. We know that very well.
In this environment, competitunion is the redress!
Because we have no power other than the common mind. People, brands or agencies cannot grow alone, separately.
It is an urgent need for players of the same sector to reproduce resources before “eating” each other. Rather than waiting for some players to fall off the ring, we need to do something to make sure everyone stays in the game and with the same voice, only more powerful. For this purpose, the existence of associations has critical importance.
As the 8th term Board of Directors of İDA, our motto is “Strong Union and Active Communication!”
We will be a stronger union in the new era. We will succeed as a unity what we can’t do individually. We will complete our “Strong Unity” with “Active Communication“ outside. In particular, we believe that “competitiveness” and “unity” are possible together and the essence of success is “competitunion”.
We will be open to all kinds of cooperation, and we will create opportunities to find the methods that all parties of the sector will gain together with the common mind.
I invite all our stakeholders, especially İDA members, to work closely together in the new period, to produce together and to grow together.

Esra Şengülen Ünsür