Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA)

Representing the companies in Communications Consultancy sector and bringing the leading companies of the sector together, the Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) is the Turkey branch of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO).

The aim of Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) is improving, expanding and increasing the reputation of the public relations sector which the member companies operate in; increasing awareness in the sector against unfair competition, informal activities and unethical acts; ensuring that the companies receiving service from the sector to have access to accurate information about the sector; and ensuring that the members act jointly without damaging their solidarity and competitive environment while facing the problems of the profession and the market, to set an example by observing the international service standards and codes of conduct, and to increase their service quality by increasing their professional performance and management skills.

İDA focuses on sustainably and efficiently growing the sector. The total turnover of more than 60 million dollars as of the end of the year 2013 of the Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) members is estimated to be representing almost half of the communications consultancy and public relations sector in Turkey. With a human resource of around 800 people, İDA member companies provide communications consultancy and operational management to more than 500 leading companies and brands of Turkey. The value generated by the sector is beyond these figures; the companies and brands, which İDA members are communication partners, have a significant share in the economical and social development of Turkey. In addition to the total economical value and employment created, the sector has an important role in the development of Turkey with this real value.

In İDA, where only the legal entities can become a member as a difference from the other organizations of the sector, the members undertake to certify that they provide services in international standards by being subjected to the critical Consultancy Management System (CMS) audit once in every two years. CMS is a worldwide recognized scale in terms of excellence and professionalism. It increases the efficiency and profitability of the communications consultancy companies, while it assures to both the customers and employees that the audited companies are managed properly and have a responsible business style. CMS covers eight important areas: Leadership and Communication, Business Planning, Business Improvement, Financial Systems, Campaign Management, Customer Satisfaction, New Business, and People Management. Member companies successfully audited by CMS receive a certification.

The Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) also primarily aims for the prevalence of professional ethics principles in the sector. As a membership acceptance condition, İDA expects all member companies to sign and observe the Professional Ethics Principles document. The Association also has an Ethical Board.

An important change has been made during the General Assembly meeting on December 2, 2014, and in order to share the experiences and to ensure continuity of valuable information, an Advisory Board consisted of the former presidents since the foundation of İDA.
The Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) plans determining and implementing the methods of sustainable and efficient growth methods with a common sense together with its strong structure, reputable members and all stakeholders.

History of the Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA):
The Association was founded by 16 communications consultancy and operational public relations companies who have convened for improving and expanding the public relations sector and increasing the service standards in Turkey. İDA had its first general assembly meeting on September 6, 2004 and officially started with its operations. The founders of the Association are BERSAY Communications, BG Communications, EFFECT Public Relations, EXCEL Communications, GRUP 7 Communications, MPR Marketing & Public Relations, N’PR Public Relations, ORSA Strategic Communications, PERGEL Communications Services, PR AKTİF Communications Services, REKTA Public Relations, TRİBECA Communications and ZARAKOL Public Relations.